Gahanna Bead Studio

A creative haven for bead artists


1028 N. Hamilton Rd. Gahanna, OH

Phone: 614/933-8948

Business Hours: M-F: 10-6; Sat: 10-5; Sun: 12-5


In addition to our fabulously talented staff, we are very happy to bring instructors from far and wide in to share what they know with us at Gahanna Bead Studio.

Some of them are showcased here!

Sarajane Helm


Sarajane works with polymer clay, ceramics, metal, textiles, digital media, and BEADS!

In addition to her own art, she helps develop and showcase that of others through instruction, publication, and website design. Visit her website at:

Sarajane’s Polyclay Gallery

Debora Mauser


Debora has crafted in nearly every medium, but once she created with metal and wire, she knew she had found a new favorite. In addition to designing and making jewelry, Debora enjoys teaching her techniques to other students across the country.

Eva Sherman


Eva began beading as a way to spend time with her daughters but soon became hopelessly addicted. In 2005 Eva opened Grand River BeadStudio in Cleveland, Ohio. Eva now spends most days in the studio creating, writing and teaching, but has been know to take her show on the road. She has discovered an affinity for working with wire and metals and prefers to design in an organic and unstructured style. Currently, Eva is working on her second book on organic jewelry design.

David Smith


David Smith, a metal worker with over 35 years experience, has been selling jewelry and providing jewelry creation instruction for the past 12 years. David is also a member of the Society of American Silversmiths.

Liz Thompson


It was during an innocent lesson of earrings made from plastic beads and a headpin that the creative light bulb went off and turned into an unexplained love affair with beading for Liz Thompson. Since that early lesson, Liz has gone on to create pieces using many advanced techniques but favors bead embroidery and many off loom stitches. She has had her work published many times, including in “Beading Across America.” Liz finds inspiration from many sources including classic Hollywood movies and royal jewelry collections from around the world. When Liz isn’t beading, she works a full-time job at a busy urban hospital and enjoys camping, reading and other things that end in “ing.”

Kaska Firor


Kaska, an award winning jewelry artist, has been involved in various arts all her life. In 1988 she graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a BA in Interior Design. Her
interests in other arts and a strong desire to create with her hands led her to pursue other creative avenues as well. She has spent time with clay sculpture, stained glass, and sawing eventually arriving at wire art.

Kaska has been designing and crafting wire jewelry since the summer of 2000, when she took her first instruction in that medium. Since then she continued to advance her skills in jewelry arts – wire, lapidary, silver-smiting, metal clay, chain-making, glass fusing, and wire weaving – by attending William Holland School of Lapidary Arts in Georgia, taking classes provided by local and visiting artists, and through her own experimentation with various tools and materials.

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