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Gahanna Bead Studio

Beads & Jewelry to Scintillate

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About US

Once a thriving brick and mortar bead store begun in 2002, Gahanna Bead Studio retired its retail location in March, 2021, and is now my virtual home for beads and jewelry creations.  Here you will find my current passions: beads from Les Perles par Puca®, along with overstock from the shop, kits, and my handmade jewelry, crafted with originality and with care.

Helen O’Donnell



Current Passions

Beads & Kits

We specialize in Les perles par Puca®, designed in France and manufactured in Czechia, and kits designed by Helen using these and others, as inspiration calls.

Botanical Jewels

With herbs, flowers, and weeds hand-foraged, dried, and encased in resin, these necklaces are sure to impress the nature-lover in your life.

Ethical Earrings

Sustainably-grown and harvested wood makes them ethical and lightweight. Niobium or sterling silver makes them hypo-allergenic.

Les perles par Puca®

Building Blocks for Unique Jewelry

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Original Designs

 Handmade Jewelry Crafted With Love

Since 1999, Helen has had a love affair with all things beady. With an educational background in natural resources, nature influences much of what she creates. Beads have a long and storied history with humanity, and Helen enjoys making with a variety of materials, including foraged plant material which she dries and encases in resin. Her current passions are these botanical necklaces and wood earrings crafted of sustainably-harvested cork.

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